Web Design Makeovers

Grabbing Attention - Site Aesthetics and Content Organization

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First impressions are important when you present your business on the internet. You only have a few seconds to hook a potential customer who is browsing your site, and this first hook is visual appeal. Going Online can evaluate your web presence and suggest ways in which you can improve on the layout and content of your site in order to give you the competitive edge needed to make your website stand out from the crowd.

Websites are like fashion and go out of date easily. If your site is looking outdated you could be loosing customers. In evaluating your web presence, Going Online will address questions such as:

  • •  Is your website visually appealing with strong graphics and good structure?
  • •  Is website content well-organized and easy to access?
  • •  Is there a clear message for your target audience?
  • •  Is information related to products or services up-to-date?
  • •  Is there strong branding related to your company or organization?

Behind the Scenes - The Technical Side of Getting Noticed on the Web

Along with what is seen by visitors to your website there is also what is not seen. Specifically, the coding required to present your site. Coding a website involves a variety of technologies which are constantly evolving.  If your site is a few years old and has not been updated recently, chances are that much of the coding is no longer web standards compliant or not well-suited for mobile devices,for example.

If your coding is outdated or flawed, it will impact your business in a number of ways. It may lack the Search Engine Optimization needed to get noticed by Google, and thereby, not show up in searches. It may be too slow loading and may not load at all on mobile devices if it contains too much content which has not been optimized for web viewing. And, it may not be contain any coding at all for mobile devices which means that visitors to your site may have a very difficult time accessing site content on their mobile devices.

In evaluating the technical side of your website, Going Online will address questions such as:

  • •  Is your website generating adequate business leads?
  • •  Does your site have broken links or errors in coding?
  • •  Is your website being located in Google searchs?
  • •  Is your site optimized for quick loading?
  • •  Is your site designed to accommodate today's variety of platforms, screen sizes and mobile devices?

Going Online - Free Site Evaluation and Design Consultation 

Going Online can identify what works and what doesn't with your site in order to give you the website you wanted in the first place or just give an old look a redesigned and refreshed feel and update of your content. Whether you are looking to improve the aesthetics or the functionality of your existing website, Going Online has the ability to give your site the needed makeover. 

Perhaps, you would like to be able to manage site content on your own? In this case, Going Online can redesign your site to include a complete Content Management System. Or maybe, you would like to become more connected with social media? Going Online can set that up for you as well. Perhaps, your site was designed prior to the proliferation of portable devices such as smart phones, iPods, iPads and others now being used by consumers to access websites, and is not well-suited for viewing on these devices. 

Choosing the right web development partner can mean the difference between a wasted financial investment or success. Contact Going Online today for a free site evaluation and advice on what can be done to improve on your site and bring it up to today's web standards.