Going Online Web Solutions

Going Online is a web design and development company based in Duncan, BC, serving small businesses, organizations and individuals in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. Whether you do not yet have a website, would like to get online and need a complete design package, or are no longer satisfied with some aspect of your existing website and need an upgrade or complete makeover, Going Online has an affordable solution to meet your needs. 


I am a freelance, web designer as well as the owner of Going Online Web Solutions. My experience with web design goes back many years. In fact, it started around the time that the world wide web was born. At that time, I was an Information Technology instructor, keen to teach my students all about this exciting new technology. I embarked on a journey in which I spent more than twenty years exploring and learning all I could about the web so that I could share this knowledge with my students.

Over the years, I have pursued a large assortment of interests including web design and development, computer programming, CADD, graphic design and multimedia. I have worked with countless software programs including Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, iMovie, Final Cut and web languages including javascript, PHP, SQL, XML, Ruby, and HTML. 

I have taught literally thousands of high school students all aspects of web design and development. Over the years I have spent considerable time on weekends and holidays staying current and learning as much as possible about the ever evolving technologies associated with the world of web design. In doing so, I have gained considerable experience in both the graphic, creative side of websites as well as the more technical, programming aspects.

After retiring from teaching in 2010, I was determined to stay involved in the exciting, and ever evolving world of web design. So, in the fall of 2010, I started my business, Going Online Web Solutions, working freelance out of my home in Duncan, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Working at home allows me to keep my overhead low and enables me to be home for my three, school aged children.


As mentioned previously, during much of my teaching career I studied Information Technology and taught my students all I could about computer graphics and programming, and web design and development.  In doing so, I developed a diverse and strong knowledge and understanding of all that goes into building websites. Despite now being semi-retired, I remain involved and continue to study ever evolving web technologies.

For example, I have done considerable research into responsive web design for various screen resolutions as well as mobile devices such as iPhones and other smart phones. I now have the skills necessary to modify existing sites and develop new sites such that they are adaptable to all types of mobile devices as well as devices with smaller screen sizes such as notebooks and tablets. I have also worked with open source programs such as Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal and am able to use these platforms to build sites with comprehensive, content management systems (CMS) which provide a login for users and allow for easy maintenance of site content without having to use HTML or other web languages.


I started Going Online Web Solutions as a small business venture to enable me to continue with my passion for web design, not to earn a lot of money.  In fact,  two recent projects both involved building sites for community organizations, and I volunteered my services free of charge. 

 "My commitment to you, should you choose Going Online for your web project, is to give you exactly the website you want, at the best possible price with all the help you need to get it up and running, and keep it current.  As a start-up business, I need to establish a good reputation with my clients. To do so, I know how important it is to deliver good service and to build impressive sites which I can then showcase in my portfolio. I personally guarantee that you will be thoroughly satisfied with my work, and will not find any other local companies able to do a better job or do so at a better price." 

Hans Dewit
Web Designer/Developer, Business Owner